Institutional Rocket Stove Report

We proudly present the institutional rocket stove “Leo Cabiza”. This rocket stove incorporates the unique experience from the Kenyan stove builders Samuel Atogo and Victor Mazizi with the engineering expertice of Aurèle Haupt.
This institutional rocket stove is based on the design of and the development of the GIZ Kenya & Uganda. Linaria took the design and made a combined stove with three different fire chambers and space for 4 cooking pots at the same time. The capacity is big enough to cook food for 250 students.

Due to the (low-tec) heat insulations and the optimized dimensions the stove burns with a great efficiency. We expect to save up to 50 % of the firewood. Therefore we will be able to cut down the running costs of the school and take another step against the deforestation of Kenya.

Furthermore we installed 3 chimneys to ban smoke out of the kitchen and prevent related lung diseases.

Meanwhile the stove has been used for three month already and the staff of the FORWAC school is very happy 🙂

Check out the detailed pictures of the buildung phase.

If you need more informations concerning costs, dimensions, materials or technical drawings feel free to leave a comment or write us an email.


  1. Dear Friends

    would it be possible for you to get in touch with me or send me an email address for someone involved in this project

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  2. i’m interested in this rocket stove..can i have a manual how to build it?

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