Design: Energy Saving rocket Stove for School in Kenya

Linaria is supporting FORWAC Kenia. Our Chairman Aurèle is working in a small village in Kenya and helps building a school for the little kids. Currently he is designing a firewood saving rocket stove for the kitchen. The following text will give you more informations about FORWAC, the background and the stove we are going to build

Schnittdarstellung institutional rocket stove, 225l

Institutional rocket stove, 225l

This project is realized already. Please check out our FORWAC stove report.

FORWAC stands for ‘Friends of Rural Women and Children’. We are a nonprofit organization with the mission of improving the lives of people in rural areas of Africa. More specifically our focus is on providing education to orphans and other vulnerable children. Through our partnership with FORWAC Kenya, we are currently concentrating on the area of Siaya in Western Kenya. In this region, the number of orphans and vulnerable children is particularly high due to the high prevalence of HIV / AIDS. Education is the best chance for these children of making a better future for themselves!
Our current project is the construction of a FORWAC owned school complex. Last year FORWAC Germany had the chance to acquire a plot of land on which a new school could be built. This new building is urgently needed because our FORWAC nursery school – which was founded three years ago – continues to grow and grow. To date, all the classes have been conducted in a small building built by us and in the local church and there simply is not sufficient room to accommodate all 66 children. With the new building planned by FORWAC, each of the three grade levels will soon get their own classroom. In addition, the FORWAC-school will be expanded to a primary school.

FORWAC energy saving cooking stove

The kitchen for our school has its walls and its roof already. But still we are lacking a cooking stove to cook food for all the little students of the FORWAC school in Ulamba. Right now I am working together with two experienced stove builders who have been trained by the German development organization GIZ1. We are finalizing the design and starting to gather the materials so that we can start building. In the end the kitchen will be able to cook food for 200 students plus the teachers. Therefore we will install three different burners using four different pot sizes with a total capacity of 225 Liters.

Energy sources

The high demand of food also requires a lot of energy to prepare it. Firewood and charcoal are the only available and reliable resources. Therefore we decided to build a modified energy saving stove developed by the GIZ & the Energy Advisory Project EAP. The system is a rocket stove system which are well known for efficient combustion and optimized heat transfer between the fire and the pots.

Advantage of the energy saving stove

This optimized stove will help us to increase efficiency in firewood burning and therefore reduce environmental degradation / deforestation. We will safe between 50 – 60 % of firewood compared to the traditional three-stone-cooking fire. We will be able to lower running costs and to improve the working conditions of the kitchen staff that are exposed to the hazardous smoke and intense heat emission from the traditional 3-stone stoves.

Local resources

We try to bring as many materials as possible from the area in order to support the local economy. Our neighbor is kilning the bricks right now. After three days of fire they will be strong and durable and we can bring them with the traditional handcart or the help of donkeys to the site.


A wood fired rocket stove has high material requirements and therefore high costs. Half of the costs are for the heavy duty stainless steel pots. In order to be long lasting and resistant to the high temperatures of the rocket stove a 3 mm strong bottom is needed. In order to cover the costs and build the stove we need your support!
You can take the partnership for one of the stainless steel cooking pots:

  • 150 Liter: 300 €
  • 50 Liter: 215 €
  • 15 Liter: 155 €
  • 10 Liter: 130 €

or donate 20, 50 or 100 € for materials and labor.

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Account holder: FORWAC e.V.
Bank: GLS Bank
IBAN: DE25430609672031874500

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Stove design & implementation: Aurèle Haupt,

Download the flyer: flyer_energy_saving_stove_01.7.14.pdf

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