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Earthship in Malawi, Africa - January 2015

Earthship in Malawi, Africa – January 2015

Kapita Community Center – Earthship Malawi

Once upon a time in the mountains of Malawi a mixed group from all around the planet came together to build a community center for the remote area Kapita. Kapita is a region without access to tap-water, electricity or medical services. It is so remote that you have to drive more than one hour on a dirt road. In the rainy season the road can become impassable. The average income is something around 0,60 €/day and the people live almost completely from the cultivation of mais, beans and potatoes.
The Kapita Community Center is a based on an initiative of Empower Malawi to support the people to support themselves. There are roughly 5000 people living in the area and the main aim is to create an own development center. Empower Malawi contacted Earthship Biotecture and they agreed to build it with the aid of many donors.
The building once completed will have 8 rooms, 4 toilets, 4 showers. It collects 12.500 liter rainwater and has got its own waste water treatment (planter cells). The community wants to use the rooms for a communal bank, seed bank, medical center, library, kindergarten, local radio station, meeting room and center for the women.


Earthship started to build the first bit in September 2013. The second build was now in January 2015 where the Earthship Crew together with Volunteers and the local community gave there best to continue with the building. Due to the strongest rainy season since 30 years we had to face some unexpected challenges like transportation difficulties or the drying of the reinforced concrete domes.
Linaria supported the building financially and with voluntary labour. Unfortunately I caught some Malaria some few days the project started. Therefore I was unable to work the first days and focused more on documentation. The result are following breath taking pictures showing tough people doing a tough job.


  1. Hi Linarea Team ,
    interesting to read your website article about Earthship Malawi.
    As an environmental centre we are co-operating with some NGOs in Malawi. In Beginning April I will be next time there.
    I like the idea verz much of getting closer to the experiences found in Kapita with the Earthship approach.
    Will it be possible to get a tel. number and an Email Address of a relevant communication partner.
    Frank Lueschow

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