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To become a member simply fill out the membership application online: membership application

Alternatively, the application can also be filed in paper form. Simply download the form, print, fill out, and send to the following address:

Linaria e.V.
c/o Neuber
Suderoderstraße 17
12347 Berlin
Further information and documents:

Statutes § 4 Memberships – Rights and Obligations

(1) Membership is open to any natural or legal person who supports the objectives of the association.

(2) The Association consists of active members, sustaining members and honorary members.

  1. Active member can be any natural person who wants to support the association or the promoted project by actively participating. You have the right to participate in the activities of the association and have a right to vote at general meetings. You are encouraged to participate actively in associations and public relations as well as to provide recommendations on the organization and execution of projects for discussion and approval.
  2.  Sustaining member may be any natural or legal person who is not engaged active, but furthers the objectives and the purpose of the organization and would like to support. He has got no right to vote at general meetings.
  3. An honorary member may be appointed individuals who have distinguished themselves in a particular way to the club. This is a decision of the General Assembly is required. Honorary members are exempt from payment of contributions and otherwise have the same rights and responsibilities as active members.

(3) Members pay contributions in accordance with a resolution of the general meeting which will be held in the fee regulations. The contributions are monthly / quarterly / half-yearly or year paid via an automated procedure by standing order or direct debit on time. On change of the membership fee, members will be notified in writing. A written request is the direct contact with the association member by mail or email.

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