100h Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

From May 20 to June 4, you are invited to a life changing event: a “100h Permaculture Design Course” where Water Retention, Design Thinking, System Planning or Community Building are just parts of the overall experience. You will discover a multicultural environment, a life implementing Permaculture Project in its very beginning and experience community living at the Wir bauen Zukunft project, located in Nieklitz, a rural area between Hamburg and Berlin where you can appreciate nature and the natural beauty of a former botanical garden.

The course will begin on the evening of May 20 and will end after breakfast on June 4. You are welcome to arrive on the 19th and help on preparations (let us know in advance).

This course will be held in English. If necessary, whispering translation can be available in German, Romanian, Portuguese and Spanish.

This is a certified course. Students will have a Permaculture Design Certificate, and access to the Permaculture Diploma Process.

The course is organized with the support of:

About Permaculture

Permaculture is a design theory and practice that seeks to develop ecological farming systems and sustainable human settlements in an attempt to shape after natural ecosystems.

What is a PDC?

PDC Permaculture Design Course is a course modeled for 72h and addressing key themes and core of Permaculture. In this course, 100 hours will be allocated to Permaculture, Design thinking and planning and other tools such as community building, personal coaching and communication.

About the teachers

Maurício Umann (MU)

A Permaculture Diplomat and teacher with a deep theoretical and practical experience in Permaculture, Natural Building and communities practices, setting up projects in urban spaces, amazon landscapes, Mediterranean spaces, cold climate, and subtropical spaces, practical or theoretical since 2005. He is passionate about bio-construction and earthworks.
With a multicultural experience, he established the Integral Education Center “O’Fojo Permaculture” in Portugal. He is also the author of the book Permaculture | Introductory Course, edited in Portuguese and now being translated to English, Romanian, Spanish and French.



Claudian Dobos

Since 2009 when he did his PDC with Max Lindegger (Australia) he participated in different Permaculture projects in Europe. For example the Permaculture Teachers Course with Rosemary Morrow (Australia) in Portugal. He is also a Transition Town trainer and active in different ecologic movements and networks. Since February 2013 he has established Aurora Community where he is involved in setting-up the Aurora LLC (living and learning center) and especially the Aurora Permaculture Research Center. He is widely active in national and transnational organization related with sustainability, like the Global Ecovillage Network, ECOLISE, and Transition Network. He is co-founder of the Permaculture Research Institute of Romania and member of the European Permaculture Council and of the emerging European Permaculture Network.


The workshop price for the 14 day 100 h PDC workshop is 819 €. Prices do not include food and accommodation.

  • Accommodation in tents or indoor dorm: 5€ per day
  • Full board meals (vegetarian/vegan): 10€ per day. If you have any food restriction, please let us know in advance.

Be a sponsor

If you believe this event can be a learning chance and a life changing opportunity, why not consider offering a scholarship? Sponsor a place in this event and offer the opportunity to someone, who otherwise would be unable to participate. Grateful for your initiative!


You can check our wishlist if you consider to bring a gift. Thank you!

Bookings & Information

For additional information and bookings, please contact: ceylan@linaria-ev.de

Cancelation Policy

Cancellations can be accepted ONLY if the space can be covered through the waiting list.
The organization reserves the right to cancel the event with 5 days notice at the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, including insufficient bookings, natural disasters, the impossibility to find suitable teaching replacements and structural damage to the facilities.
In such cases, the organization will refund participants minus a 10% administration fee and will offer advantageous deals on future events as a gesture of good will. Travel expenses will not be refunded as a result of cancellations and participants must ensure themselves against such eventualities.

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