Rocket Stove für den Hausgebrauch

I continued building and practicing the new gained skills after we finished the building the big institutional rocket stove for the FORWAC Education center. We are spreading the technology of rocket stoves surely but slowly in the rural area of Siaya County in Kenya.

The advantages of this stove are:

  • Firewood saving
  • economical and sustainable
  • easy to build
  • low cost
  • long lasting

Domestic rocket stove with clay liner and food warmer

domestic rocket stove

domestic rocket stove

The first rocket stove I did (together with Samuel) is a typical domestic rocket stove. The design was developed by the GIZ and is being build all over Kenya. The base is 60 x 60 cm and pots with a diameter of 34 cm will fit. We used a clay liner for the fire chamber and integrated a small metal barrel to keep food warm. Materials used: 1/2 bag of cement, 1/2 bag gray lime, 2 wheelbarrows sand and ~50 bricks (+ vermiculite and grog around the potrest).

Double cooker with chick breeder

double burner with chick breeder

double burner with chick breeder

The second second stove is a combination of a double cooker with a chick breeder. It saves firewood (compared to traditional three stone fire) and transfers the heat to the lower chamber. To store the heat we used a layer of clay on top of a with wire mesh reinforced iron sheet. The iron sheet radiates the heat into the lower chamber where little chicks are being kept and fed until they are strong enough to go outside.

„Classic“ rocket stove

domestic brick rocket stove

domestic brick rocket stove

The last version I build for a good friend of mine here in Ulamba. It is the typical way of building a rocket stove. In order to save costs and materials we did not use the clay liner for the fire chamber and spared to plaster the walls of the stove. The door frame is reinforced with angle line.

The most important thing is to get the dimensions right when building a rocket stove. The critical parts to get the best efficiency are: height of firechamber, size of air inlet, size of firewood inlet, gap between pot and stove.
To get a detailed construction manual including measurements please leave a comment or write me an email.


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